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Trinity Sunday

Hi folks Last week was a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the 70 year reign of Queen Elizabeth II - both the service and the lovely tea and cake afterwards (and yes, I managed to get two slices of the lovely cake - so much for my diet). This weekend we celebrate another fantastic occasion, on the Sunday after Pentecost which is always Trinity Sunday.  As we transferred our Holy Communion last week, we will celebrate the occasion with a celebration of Holy Communion. As we have now returned to "nearly normal", we now celebrate with both the bread and wine of Holy Communion.  As ever, there is no compulsion for anyone to receive in both kinds. If you feel in anyway uncomfortable with taking a sip from the chalice, just quietly indicate to the server (either the rector or David), and no more will be said about it! Similarly, if you feel that you cannot make it to the Communion rail, please let either Rebecca or Nuala know, and they will direct the server to come to you.  No on
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Confirmation in Aghavea 2022

Hi folks it has been almost three years since our last Confirmation in 2019 - partly due to the Coronavirus pandemic, partly due to the vacancy due to the Bishop moving, and partly due to a gap in ages in our young adults. Confirmation is the stage in which our young adults take on the responsibility for their faith, fulfilling the baptismal promises made for them by their parents and sponsors. It is therefore with great joy that we can announce that Bishop Ian has agreed to come along to our parish on 16th October to confirm some of our young adults.  You will find an application form here, or you can pick one up from the church. Please print this form out and bring it with you to church or email it to me at We also encourage you to invite any sponsors who shared with the baptismal promises for your child, as this service concludes the promises they made when the children were young. With the summer almost upon us, we will hold our classes in September and early O

Fifth Sunday in Easter

Hi folks Please find our latest service sheets for Sunday 15th May, our family service for the 5th Sunday in Easter. We are delighted that the Sunday School will be present with us in our service, and will be singing for us as well!!  Our sermon will look at how we identify as Christian, and how people will identify us without us having to tell them first! There's a colouring page, hymns and the service sheet - join us either in person at 11am, or online via our Facebook page.  If you, or the children, colour in a page, please take a pic and send it to me and we can share it via our Facebook page - folks love to see them. Sunday evening will be a special night in Fivemiletown, joining their congregation for an evening of praise, worship and Bible study. Canon Kyle will be playing the piano, Johnny will be playing guitar and/or bass, and Naomi and Elliott will be leading our singing. The service starts at 7pm, and we hope you will be able to join us. Regards Johnny

Fifth Sunday in Lent HC2

Hi Folks This Sunday sees us into April - already a quarter of the year gone!   As we start the new month, our service is Holy Communion, in which we consider service as a vital component to Christian life - not as a servant obeying a master, but as people worshipping God. Next Sunday will be Palm Sunday, kicking off our Holy Week services - and it's also our Family service, and an exciting one at that!  Our Sunday School children will be taking part in our service as we celebrate Jesus' triumphant entry to Jerusalem. Here are the sheets for Sunday, as ever, all are welcome at our services. Blessing Johnny

Fourth Sunday in Lent - Mothering Sunday

Hi folks Our service this week is Morning Prayer One - in the traditional language.  Now, before you turn off, the language shouldn't be a barrier to joining in the service, the liturgy is beautifully written and has been virtually unchanged sine the early 1600s! The fourth Sunday in Lent is also Mothering Sunday - so we look forward to celebrating Mothers and all those who care for others during the service.  Being a mother is not just a matter of biology - but a sign of care and love! Oh yes - one last thing - if you don't put your clock forward, you'll arrive at the very end of the service! All are welcome to our service, either in-person or online. Blessings Johnny

Third Sunday in Lent

Hi folks With one thing and another, it's been a long week - but we're back to Sunday again! This week our readings direct us to Christ's central message - Repent or perish!  If this sounds a little radical, there's good reason for that - it is radical!  The message is simple - there are no grey areas in the judgement to come - repent or perish!  If this message offends or alarms you, then this Sunday's message will be an important one to hear! Our Family service starts at 11am, all are welcome to join us in person in Aghavea, or online via our Facebook page. Blessings Johnny

Second Sunday in Lent

Hi folks We are looking forward to the return of our Sunday School during our service. All are welcome to join us - and if some of our parents would be willing to volunteer to help out, we would be very grateful to accept your help! Anyway, in our service we will be considering the relationship between foxes and hens - and see how we are still in the middle of the tension between the two in our world today. See you soon. Johnny