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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Notices: Sunday 7th December 2014

10am Sunday School
11am Holy Communion
7pm SNATCH Christmas party

Next Sunday: Sunday 14th December 2014
10am Sunday School
11am Church Family Nativity - Church Hall
7.30pm Christingle Service - Brooke Memorial Hall

This week:
Monday 8th
8pm Bowls match at home v Colebrooke

Tuesday 9th
MU Carol singing - Northwick House

Wednesday 10th
6.30pm GFS Christmas Party
8pm Bowls match away v Clogh

Friday 12th
Sunday School Christmas Party

Coming up:
Thursday 18th Riverbrooke Carol Service - Brookeborough Elim Church

Christmas at Aghavea
Sunday 14th December
11am Church Family Nativity - Church Hall
7.30pm Christingle Service - Brooke Memorial Hall

Sunday 21st December
11am Morning Prayer
7.30pm Carols by Candlelight with Maguiresbridge Silver Band

Christmas Eve
11.15pm Christmas Eve Communion

Christmas Day
10am Christmas Family Communion

Call His Name ‘Jesus’
A Festival of Flowers and Music to celebrate Christmas in St John’s Fivemiletown.
Friday 12th: 2-7pm with An Evening of Music at 7pm;
Saturday 13th: 10am-7pm;
Sunday 14th: 2-7pm with Carols and Readings at 7pm.

Riverbrooke Community Carol Service
Thursday 18th December at 8pm in Brookeborough Elim Church

Sermon Notes: God will provide(Genesis 22: 1-19)
Abraham trusts God to provide a substitute to fulfil his promise

God HAD provided - Abraham’s test (v1-2)
- Isaac was God’s gift, the son of promise - 4 forms of ID
- Will Abraham give up what God has given to him?
- Q: What are the things we hold on to so dearly? (Job 1:21)

God WILL provide - Abraham’s faith (v3-8)
- Abraham’s willingness to obey - early rising (v3 and 21:14)
- Faith in action: ‘we will worship.. we will come back’
- Where is the lamb? ‘God himself will provide’
- Q: Can we trust God when he calls us to do difficult things?

God HAS provided - Abraham’s vindication (v9-19)

- Isaac on the altar - under a divine death sentence
- Rescue through substitution; resurrection (Heb 11)
- Renewal and expansion of the covenant - by your offspring
- ‘On the mount of the Lord it shall be provided’ - Mount Moriah is where Jerusalem was built - substitution of Jesus for us gives life
- Q: Will you receive what God has provided for you this Christmas? How can we share this with our community?

Prayer Diary
Sun 7th Give thanks for SNATCH as the term ends tonight with the Christmas party
Mon 8th All who are ill, for God’s healing and strength
Tue 9th Residents and staff of Northwick House, as MU members visit and sing carols tonight
Wed 10th GFS girls as they break for Christmas holidays
Thur 11th Crosslinks mission partners across the world
Fri 12th Sunday School leaders and young people, preparing for the Nativity on Sunday morning
Sat 13th Pray for those who are unemployed, to find work
Sun 14th Today’s services - that the light of Christ will shine in us and through us to the world

May the Lord direct your hearts into God’s love and Christ’s perseverance. 2 Thessalonians 3:5
Prayer Diary updates can be accessed each morning at our Facebook page or by downloading the free ‘PrayerMate’ app for your smartphone and adding the Aghavea Church feed.

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