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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Notices: Sunday 28th June 2015

11am Morning Prayer

Next Sunday: 5th July 2015
11am Holy Communion - 1 Thess 5: 1-11 Walking Worthy for the Day

This Week:
Tuesday 30th
8pm SNATCH leaders meeting - Rectory

Thursday 2nd
7.30pm Select Vestry meeting

Saturday 4th
12pm SNATCH outing to Summer Madness - Colebrooke Hall

Coming Up:
Fri 28th Aug BBQ & Dance - Tickets £12.50 available from end of July. Music by Alistair Scott Ceilidh Band

Summer Madness
SNATCH are heading to Summer Madness on Saturday 4th July! The bus leaves Colebrooke Church Hall at 12pm, stopping en route for lunch, before arriving at Glenarm Castle for dinner with the Clogher subcamp and evening worship. Return home at 12am approx. Cost £10 entrance to Summer Madness, plus pocket money for lunch, snacks & bookshop. Consent forms available from SNATCH leaders.

Hall Tidy-up
Thank you to all who helped with the tidy-up in the Church Hall in so many ways. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Sermon Notes: Walking Worthy in Hope (1 Thess 4: 13-18)
Hope-filled grieving, based on Jesus’ work and word, brings us encouragement

Hope-filled grieving... (13)
- The problem: Have the dead missed out on eternal life?
- Paul doesn’t want us to ‘not grieve’ - death brings grieving
- We don’t ‘grieve as others do who have no hope’ - hope-filled grieving

... Based on Jesus’ work and word... (14-17)
- Jesus’ work: Jesus died and rose again - God will bring those who died
- Jesus’ word: Promise of his coming - dead don’t miss out, they rise first
- Joyful reunion - caught up in the clouds together with them and the Lord
- Promise: we will be with the Lord forever

... Brings us encouragement (18)
- Application: encourage one another with these words
- Remember what Jesus has done and said
- Remind one another when times are tough
- Reflect on our own future

Crosslinks Camps
Junior Camp: A Great Escape - Castlewellan Castle 8th-12th August, ages 8-11.
Senior Camp: Rock Solid - Castlewellan Castle 8th-15th August, ages 12-17.
Reset: Dunluce Parish Centre, Bushmills 21st-23rd August, ages 18-30.
See flyers in porch for more information, or visit www.crosslinks.org/camps

Irish Women’s Convention
Holding on to Hope with Nancy Guthrie
Saturday 17th October 2015 in Assembly Buildings, Belfast
Tickets £17 (plus transport, to be arranged) - speak to Lynsey to book.

Prayer Diary
Sun 28th Give thanks for the hope we have through the Lord Jesus
Mon 29th SNATCH leaders meeting tomorrow night to plan the new year
Tue 30th Give thanks for God’s goodness this month
Wed 1st Bishop John as he leads the diocese of Clogher
Thur 2nd Select Vestry, as they meet tonight
Fri 3rd Bible Society, bringing God’s word to new people groups
Sat 4th SNATCH at Summer Madness - for fun and encouargement
Sun 5th Pray for a hunger for God’s word as we meet together
Pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17)

Prayer Diary updates can be accessed each morning at our Facebook page, Twitter account, or by downloading the free ‘PrayerMate’ app for your smartphone and adding the Aghavea Church feed.

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