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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Notices: Sunday 20th March 2016

11am Church Family Service
6pm SNATCH meet - Aghavea Hall
7.30pm Palm Sunday Praise led by SNATCH - Aghavea Hall

Next Sunday: Easter Sunday 27th February 2016
7am Easter Dawn Service followed by breakfast
11am Easter Family Celebration

This Week:
Monday 21st
9.30am - 12noon & 2pm - 4pm: Prayer Room open
8pm Cross Purposes: Reconciliation - Aghavea Church

Tuesday 22nd
9.30am - 12noon & 2pm - 4pm: Prayer Room open
8pm Cross Purposes: Peace - Brookeborough Methodist Church

Wednesday 23rd
9.30am - 12noon & 2pm - 4pm: Prayer Room open
8pm Cross Purposes: Victory - Aghavea Church

Thursday 24th
9.30am - 12noon & 2pm - 4pm: Prayer Room open
8pm Cross Purposes: Freedom - Brookeborough Methodist Church

Friday 25th
9.30am - 12noon & 2pm - 4pm: Prayer Room open
8pm Cross Purposes: Forgiveness - Aghavea Church

Coming Up:
Tuesday 5th 8pm Bible Through the Year Fellowship Group - Rectory
Wed 6th 8pm Easter General Vestry

Annual Report
The Annual Report has been released today. To obtain a large print edition, please speak to Albert.

Wednesday Club Coffee Morning & Sale of Work
Wednesday 23rd March from 10am - 12noon in Brookeborough Methodist Church.

The Police Male Voice Choir in Concert
Friday 15th April at 8pm Tickets £6 incl supper. Proceeds to Church repairs.

CVM Ulster Rugby Tour
Tuesday 12th April at 7pm in Fivemiletown College. Ruan Peanaar, Pete Browne, Louis Ludik and Franco van der Merwe will talk all things rugby and share their life changing stories. Open to everyone.

Adult Confirmation
Thursday 5th May at 7.30pm in the Chapel at Portora Royal School. Please speak to Gary if you wish to be confirmed on this occasion.

Core Skills: Children’s Ministry Course
Saturdays 7th May, 21st May & 4th June from 10.30am - 3pm in St Columba’s Church, Omagh. Booking form available from Gary,

Bible in One Year
20th Josh 1-3, Luke 1:57-80
21st Josh 4-6, Luke 2:1-24
22nd Josh 7-8, Luke 2:25-52
23rd Josh 9-10, Luke 3
24th Josh 11-13, Luke 4:1-32
25th Josh 14-15, Luke 4:33-44
26th Josh 16-18, Luke 5:1-16
27th Josh 19-20, Luke 5:17-39
The next fellowship group will be in the Rectory at 8pm on Tuesday 5th April.

Cross Purposes
What did the cross achieve?
Monday 21st - Reconciliation - Aghavea
Tuesday 22nd - Peace - Brookeborough Methodist
Wednesday 23rd - Victory - Aghavea
Thursday 24th - Freedom - Brookeborough Methodist
Good Friday 25th - Forgiveness - Aghavea
Join us at 8pm each evening.

Dawn Service
Easter Sunday 27th March at 7am (BST) at Aghavea Hall car park.
Followed by breakfast. Please sign up in the porch for catering purposes.

Easter Vestry
The Easter Vestry will be held on Wednesday 6th April at 8pm in the Church Hall. At the meeting we will hear reports on church life, appoint and elect Churchwardens and Glebewardens, and elect the new Select Vestry. All are welcome to the meeting, but only Registered Vestry members can stand for election or vote.

Prayer Diary
Sun 20th SNATCH members as they lead our Palm Sunday Praise
Mon 21st Those who are housebound, as Home Communions begin
Tue 22nd Cross Purposes events this week - for partnership in mission
Wed 23rd The Prayer Room, for many to find time & space to pray
Thur 24th ‘Love one another, as I loved you.’ - pray for us to grow in love
Fri 25th Take some time to consider the cross today
Sat 26th Pray for tomorrow’s Easter celebrations, for joy-filled worship
Sun 27th Give thanks that Jesus is alive - rejoice in the hope we gives us
Pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17)

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