Sunday, 30 October 2016

Notices: Sunday 30th October 2016

11am Morning Prayer - we welcome Very Rev Raymond Ferguson, who will lead and preach this morning.

Next Sunday 6th November:
11am Holy Communion & Sunday School - Romans 8: 12-17
7pm SNATCH - Aghavea Hall

This Week:
Monday 31st
8pm Bowling Club

Tuesday 1st
8pm Crosslinks Prayer Meeting - Aghavea Hall

Wednesday 2nd
6.30pm GFS

Thursday 3rd
9pm Football - Maguiresbridge

Coming Up:
Monday 7th
Bowls match at home v Colaghty

Tuesday 8th
Mothers’ Union AGM

Wednesday 9th
CDYC meets in the Rectory

Sunday 13th
10.45am Act of Remembrance at Brookeborough War Memorial
11.30am Morning Prayer with an Act of Remembrance

Tuesday 29th
Clogher Diocese MU Prayer service - Aghavea

Wednesday 30th
Christmas Fair

Christmas Fair Wednesday 30th November 2016
We’re preparing for this year’s Christmas Fair and need your help. Could you...
Bake a cake or two? Make some Christmas crafts? Help at a stall?
Provide some good quality items to sell? Contribute a book you’ve recently read?
Assist Santa as one of his elves? Please consider how you can help out prior to, or on the evening. The Fair begins at 8pm, with stalls, refreshments, and Santa’s winter wonderland throughout the evening.

Bishop John will be with us for Confirmation on Sunday 19th March 2017. Those wishing to be confirmed should speak to the Rector by the end of November. The Confirmation group will meet at a time to be arranged. Attendance at the group and Sunday morning services is essential.

Church of Ireland Census
On the four Sundays in November, the Church of Ireland is conducting a census of everyone attending worship in every parish church. Those in attendance will be asked to complete a card each time they attend in the month of November.

xplore: Joy & Peace
The second of the Clogher Diocesan Youth Council events will be on Saturday 26th November at 8pm in Aghavea Church Hall. Jeff Gawn (SU) will be the speaker, with worship led by James Armstrong & band. Games and food will complete the evening. All young people are welcome to attend. Consent forms from SNATCH.

Bible in One Year
30th Jer 27-28, 2 Tim 4
31st Jer 29-30, Titus 1
1st Jer 31-32, Titus 2
2nd Jer 33-35, Titus 3
3rd Jer 36-37, Phm 1
4th Jer 38-39, Heb 1
5th Jer 40-42, Heb 2
6th Jer 43-45, Heb 3
The next fellowship group will be on Wednesday 16th November in the Rectory.

Prayer Diary: Pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17)
Sun 30th Raymond, as he proclaims God’s word to us today
Mon 31st Give thanks for God’s faithfulness to us in October
Tue 1st Crosslinks Mission Partners, as we host tonight’s prayer meeting
Wed 2nd Bishop John, as he leads the diocese of Clogher
Thur 3rd Football brings men together - pray for evangelism opportunities
Fri 4th The Pantry, sharing God’s love with those in need
Sat 5th Myrtle and the choir as they lead our praise tomorrow
Sun 6th All who study and teach God’s word - for faithful, clear & bold proclamation
Prayer Diary updates can be accessed each morning at our Facebook page or by downloading the free ‘PrayerMate’ app for your smartphone and adding the Aghavea Church feed.

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