Sunday, 12 March 2017

Sunday 12th March 2017

11am Morning Prayer & Sunday School
7pm SNATCH - Aghavea Hall

Next Sunday: 19th March 2017
11am Confirmation Service with Bishop John McDowell
7pm REVIVE Cafe Church

This Week:
Monday 13th
7pm Confirmation Group meets in the Parish Church
8pm Bowling Club

Tuesday 14th
8pm Mothers’ Union - speaker: Ruth Keys

Wednesday 15th
6.30pm GFS
8pm Life Explored (4)

Thursday 16th
7.30pm Bible Study - Rectory
9pm Football match v Kilskeery

Coming Up:
Tuesday 21st
8pm Select Vestry meeting

Sunday 26th
11am Mothering Sunday

Monday 27th
8pm Bowling Club AGM

Saturday 1st April
8pm CDYC Xplore youth event

Sunday 9th April
7pm REVIVE Cafe Church - speaker: Mr Simon Henry

Wednesday 19th April
8pm Easter General Vestry

REVIVE Cafe Church
Next Sunday 19th at 7pm in the Church Hall. We’ll be thinking about St Patrick, and what brought him to Ireland. Invite your friends to come along!

Aghavea Bowling Club
Congratulations to Aghavea Bowling Club! At the Fermanagh Churches League play-off on Thursday night, they beat neighbours Colebrooke in the semi-final, before losing in the final to Rossorry. The cup for winning Section D has arrived in Aghavea!

Scripture Fulfilled
How does the crucifixion of Jesus fulfil the
promises and prophecies of the Old Testament?
Mon 10th April - Genesis 3 - Brookeborough Methodist
Tue 11th April - Exodus 12 - Aghavea Church
Wed 12th April - Psalm 22 - Brookeborough Methodist
Thur 13th April - Genesis 22 - Aghavea Church
Good Friday 14th April - Isaiah 53 - Brookeborough Methodist
Services begin at 8pm each evening.

Dawn Service
Easter Sunday 16th April
6.30am at Aghavea Hall car park.
Followed by breakfast.
A sign up sheet will be available in the coming weeks.

Bible in One Year
12th Jdgs 6-8, Ps 72
13th Jdgs 9-12, Ps 73
14th Jdgs 13-15, Ps 74
15th Jdgs 16-18, Ps 75
16th Jdgs 19-21, Ps 76
17th Ruth 1-4, Ps 77
18th 1 Sam 1-3, Ps 78
19th 1 Sam 4-8, Ps 79
20th 1 Sam 9-12, Ps 80
Next meeting: Thursday 16th March at 8pm in the Rectory.

Prayer Diary Pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17)
Sun 12th Myrtle and the choir as they lead our praise today
Mon 13th All who are ill - for God’s healing and restoration
Tue 14th Mothers’ Union members, living for Christ in their family life
Wed 15th Preparations for Crosslinks Junior & Senior Camps this summer
Thur 16th Pray that our love may abound more and more (Phil 1:9)
Fri 17th Give thanks for St Patrick & pray for churches in Ireland today
Sat 18th Tomorrow night’s Cafe Church - plan to come, and bring others
Sun 19th Bethany, Dylan, Jack, Mark & Mark, being Confirmed today
Prayer Diary updates can be accessed each morning at our Facebook page or by downloading the free ‘PrayerMate’ app for your smartphone and adding the Aghavea Church feed.

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