Saturday, 4 August 2018

Raising more than money

We've had a busy few weeks throughout July.  While other parishes may take that time to "put their feet up", Aghavea parish has been hosting events to raise money towards the restoration of our church.

We had a very successful time at the Twelfth Celebrations in Brookeborough, raising almost £4000, and then we had an extremely enjoyable sponsored walk, which has raised almost £1500.  We are looking forward to bag packing in Asda on 11th August from 10am to 6pm, and hope that we can raise another significant amount then too!

Whilst it's important for us to raise these terrific amounts of money towards a very significant project that we will be undertaking soon, there's something much more important underlying everything we do.  Each event gives us the opportunity to fellowship together outside a traditional church setting, getting to know each other better. This is so important for any Christian community, and a fantastic chance for the new rector to get to know his congregation so much quicker!

While I am personally delighted in the amounts of money that we've raised, I am far more encouraged by the teams of people who have turned up to help in any way - and we would all welcome everyone who will come and join us in the future!

The team of walkers and ladies who prepared the refreshments on the evening of the Sponsored Walk

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