Saturday, 1 September 2018

Back to school

"Back to school" - the words children dread!  It means a return to early mornings, packed lunches, and playgrounds - and the inevitable routine of study and homework!  To the parents, it means a return to the school runs, more traffic, and cleaning and ironing clothes, trying to remember how to spell certain words (is it i before e, or e before i?), and tricky maths problems again.

For some of our young people it means a new chapter - starting in a new school, college or university.  It may signal a long year facing exams next year, or for some of our younger kids, it may even mean Transfer tests in November.  Children seem to be under more and more pressure to perform each year, and feel that they must succeed at all costs - and we need to assure them that they should just t=do their best, and expect nothing more of them.

Even in our Church life, "Back to school" signals the end of the summer period.  For our own parish in Aghavea, it signals the re-start of the various organisations - Bowls, GFS, Sunday School, Mothers' Union, Bible Study, to name but a few.  As these organisations start back, please take a moment to pray for the different leaders and members.  Each organisation needs a lot of effort in maintaining the momentum, and we should always be thankful of the skill and dedication required to keep each one alive and growing.

We wish the different organisations well this year - and welcome any who would like to join us on the different adventures ahead.  All the news will be included in our service sheet each week.

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