Sunday, 1 February 2015

Notices: Sunday 1st February 2015

10am Sunday School
11am Holy Communion
7pm Evening Prayer - Brooke Memorial Hall

Next Sunday: Sunday 8th February 2015
10am Sunday School
11am Morning Prayer - Luke 11:37-12:12 The woes of religion
7pm SNATCH - Colebrooke Church Hall

This week:
Monday 2nd
8pm Bowls friendly match away at Enniskillen Methodist

Wednesday 4th
6.30pm GFS

Friday 6th
8.30pm CDYC Country Ceilidh in Colaghty Church Hall, Lack. Meet at Aghavea at 7.30pm - Consent forms from SNATCH leaders.

Coming up:
Thursday 12th Bowls match away v Colebrooke

Clogher Diocesan Youth Council: Country Ceilidh
Friday 6th February at 8.30pm in Colaghty Church Hall, Lack.
Meet at Aghavea at 7.30pm. Consent forms from SNATCH Leaders.

Wisdom for Life
Lent Midweek Series in Proverbs
Wednesday nights at 8pm beginning 18th February

Gospel Concert
Featuring Kenny Archer, Ballybay Country Gospel Group, Marina Elliott & family
Friday 27th February at 8pm in Aghavea Church Hall
Tickets £6 (including supper) available from today

Sermon Notes: The Stronger, Something Greater Saviour (Luke 11: 14-36)
The Exorcism: displays his power (14)
- Simple, straightforward driving out of a demon
- Crowd amazed, but also leads to two other reactions:
The Excuse: denying his power (15-26)
- Jesus working for the devil?
- Is Satan’s kingdom divided? No, need another explanation
- ‘By the finger of God’ - link to Exodus 8:19
- Jesus the ‘stronger man’ defeating the devil
- Moral reform/self-effort not enough - need Jesus for victory
The Extraordinary: demanding his power (27-36)
- Wanting a sign (16)
- Sign of Jonah - 3 days in fish, resurrected, proclamation
- Queen of South (1 Kings 10:1) and Jonah will condemn this generation - something greater is here!
- Sight test - are you seeing light or darkness?
- Blessing for those who hear and obey God’s word
Jesus exceeds our expectations - he is the Stronger, Something Greater Saviour - will we see him as he is today?

CMS Project Launch
The ‘Little Lights’ Sunday School project ‘Pit Stop’ will be in Enniskillen Cathedral Hall on Thursday 12th February between 4.30pm and 6.15pm.

Prayer Diary
Sun 1st Bishop John, as he leads the Diocese of Clogher
Mon 2nd Local churches, as we seek to work together for God’s glory
Tue 3rd Diocesan Council meets today - pray for wisdom
Wed 4th All who mourn, for God’s comfort, strength and hope
Thur 5th Jeff Gawn, speaking in assemblies, SU groups and RE lessons
Fri 6th SNATCH members attending the CDYC Ceilidh in Lack
Sat 7th As you go shopping, remember The Pantry, feeding the needy
Sun 8th Pray for all who will teach God’s word today
May the Lord direct your hearts into God’s love and Christ’s perseverance. 2 Thessalonians 3:5
Prayer Diary updates can be accessed each morning at our Facebook page or by downloading the free ‘PrayerMate’ app for your smartphone and adding the Aghavea Church feed.

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